Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Moonbat Rachel Maddow Attacks American Majority, Et Al.

MSNBC's female idea of Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow, last night worked herself into yet another tedious lather over the fact that the American people are objecting to the Vapid One's inchoate but dangerous plans for the nation's health care system. Or is it now health care insurance? They keep changing the goal posts on us.

In a ten minute harangue Rachel attacks, inter alia, American Majority and MC's own friend and mensch Lonny Leitner! There he was, big as all get out, on the mind numbing channel of choice of moonbats. MC hastens to add that others were trashed as well, including you, the dumb American involved citizen who is simply programmed to bark and bleat on command.

This is what the Left does when it is scared. Let's make them go from scared to panicked to soaked in flop sweat. Click on the title of this blog to watch the whole segment. And smile while you do so.