Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Obama: Losing The Love He Never Needed

In an article clogged with middle-brow literary references, Mark Gerson, not MC's favorite of writers, remarks upon President Obama's increasingly disturbing aloofness. While hardly a new observation, nor among the best written of them, Gerson is timely in his remarks now that the summer flows to an end and the election season proper will soon be upon us. Click on the title of this post to read his remarks in full. The best, MC thought, were these:

As president, Obama's rhetorical range runs from lecturing to prickly -- the full gamut from A to C. His speeches are symphonies performed entirely with a tin whistle and an accordion. To switch metaphors, Obama is a pitcher with one pitch. He excels only at explanation. Initially this conveyed a chilly competence. But as the impression of competence has faded, we are left only with coldness.

. . . . .

Obama's limited rhetorical range raises questions about the content of his deepest beliefs. For this reason among others, the man who doesn't need the love of crowds is gradually losing it.