Friday, August 6, 2010

Almanac Analysis: What Somali Terrorists?

Unannounced, watching "Alamanac" one could be forgiven for thinking they were watching an online version of The Onion. The sequel to "Fargo," as it were. But no. This is the state we live in and this is the taxpayer ponying up for mediocrities shilling failed liberalism. Where to begin?

First, welcome to the premiere (isn't that a French word?) to "Almanac Analysis." This third rate show has an especial hold in the minds of third rate politicos. Look for them to appear on the show regularly. Sans tie or not. Mostly left but Kirstin was great tonight.

Look for a more detailed analysis tomorrow. In the meantime, rubbish TPT did nothing t0 follow up about the terrorists amongst us. Why not?

Because it's Almanac!