Wednesday, September 16, 2009

J. G. Ballard: No FUBAR For MC This Time

MC made the egregious mistake of not only misunderstanding the late J. G. Ballard but also of blogging that misunderstanding. Now, the late author's fans are, how to say it?, passionate about him. MC remembers reading one recollection of Martin Amis, famous son of the more famous and better writer Kingsley Amis, visiting Ballard who, upon hearing him in the house but without seeing him shouted: whiskey, rye or scotch? We miss such good manners. In that same recollection Ballard asked Amis if he had kept his location to himself or else they'd be overrun by
the late author's fans, some of whom, well. . . .

That said, click on the title of this post to read a review of a new book of his short stories, all 1200 pages of them. Still, the reviewer said:

"Each of Ballard’s 98 short stories is like a dream more perfectly realized than any of your own."

Given that MC dreams in color, we can't wait to read what we may have already dreamt.