Tuesday, September 1, 2009

George Will: Out Of Afghanistan

MC doesn't know what to make of Politico's report that the not-yet-published column of George F. Will will call for the US to essentially remove itself from land-based operations in Afghanistan and maintain an offshore presence only. We will need to read the column in full before opining further although if we were democratic congressman we could say whatever we liked without reading it. In fact, MC won't know what to say until Rush Limbaugh tells us how to think
about this and he's on vacation this week. We'll simply have to fake it.

Click on the title of this post to read the Politico story.

Update: Wills' column is now posted; read it here.

Unfortunately he employs the Vietnam strategy together with a pastiche of anecdotal evidence together which causes him to throw up his hands. Would Will be making such a suggestion if the President was John McCain instead of Barack Obama? It's a question worth asking. MC's other question is: why now?

Update redux: Peter Wehner at Commentary's Contentions blog agrees with MC that Wills' column is "astonishingly weak" and one that "could have been written in Japanese aboard the USS Missouri." Ouch.

Click here to read his comments.