Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mr. President: Meet The Late Edwin Dyer, Tourist, Victim Of The Religion Of Peace

Sky News reports the following:

"Tourist Edwin Dyer was captured on the border between Niger and Mali and held hostage for more than four months before claims of his murder emerged.

The Briton and three tourists - two Swiss citizens and a German woman also taken hostage - were returning from a music festival, near Timbuktu, on January 22.

Terror group al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghrebsaid (AQIM) said on a website it had killed Mr Dyer and that disbelievers would be "smitten in the neck".

A London newspaper reported that the hostage had been beheaded."

MC notes the passive voice in the first sentence and finds it emblematic of the current state of the United Kingdom.

Will President Obama denounce such crimes? Will he question the linkage in our age between terror and Islam? Will Christopher Hitchens be able to show his face again after Obama's speech, fraught with naivety and peril? And our Jewish friends who voted for this fraud? MC has little sympathy for their buyers' remorse: not liking Bush doesn't give you a pass for this calamity.

We are within hours of the Vapid One giving a teleprompter, er, speech to the "Muslim world," as he says. It will, as always, be about him; which is to say about nothing. Expect the usual straw men (to those who say nuke Mecca, I say no!) and full of platitudes. MC awaits with baited breath whether he sticks it to Israel overtly instead of, as has been his wont since inaugurated, covertly. Of course, we worry more, being Americans, about his ability to keep us safe. Only then can he take care of our allies. MC frets.