Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fear & Loathing In Cairo

MC considers itself ahead of the curve. Yes, this smacks of hubris and would be were it not so demonstrably true in our own lives. We tell our sons: know about what you read in the New York Times before you read about it in the New York Times. We recommend this advice for others and MC doesn't often offer advice, muddling through this vale of tears as best we can.

The flag above is of the Conference of Islamic Nations. There are 57 such suffering nations; Obama said on the trail he'd visited all 57 states. Such mistakes are evidence of Providence but this country long ago lost its ability to divine signs.

Our President will deliver an address on June 4th from Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt. MC is very fond of Umm Kalthoum (various spellings so don't bust our chops on this one). Her recordings are rather hard to come by in the West and we don't understand why. Her funeral was larger than Nasser's and how comforting that was. The Egyptians are not fundamentalists per se. Truth be told, they are hedonists and MC salutes them. Everyone is saved.

Now, for the bad news: MC thinks President Obama will make excuses for the (white) Western world to which most migrants flock. MC thinks he will not take to task the Islamic world with it's horrid treatment of women. Forget dykes and fags (not PC but they are tougher than you think); we are talking about half the population in the world, in our country.

Will he sing the praises of Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Does he know who she is? Will he say Afghani girls have a right to education? To not being circumcized? (Boys do too but we've bought too much into the Jewish genital mutilation to have a normal discussion about this)

What will he ask of the "Muslim world?" Anything? Forgiveness? Vienna? (google it and thank the Poles you don't speak Arabic).

Is MC the only ones who get the feeling our country is being hijacked? That we are for the moment hostages?

Don't look to MC to suffer the Stockholm Syndrome.