Friday, March 6, 2009

Peggy Noonan Can Barely Critique The One

We wondered what Miss Peggy would do now that so many of her cocktail party cohorts have expressed disappointment and more at President Obama's dreadful first six weeks in office. Taking a maudlin detour through a tragedy that bears not at all upon her unvarnished, at times cringe-inducing, prose about Obama, Ms. Noonan can only spare the last fifth of her column today in which to address directly the state of The One. This is as tough as she gets: "President Obama himself contributes to an atmosphere of fear grown to panic as he takes a historic crisis and turns it into what he imagines is a grand opportunity for sweeping change."

MoDo was much tougher and she doesn't claim to be either a conservative or a Republican. Peggy's schtick is tired and stale and to at least one of us here at MC she remains dead. Wake us if she rediscovers her political principles.

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