Sunday, March 22, 2009

Failure Accomplished: Both Frank Rich & Paul Krugman Turn On The Teleprompter President

Yes friends, you read that right: two stalwart squishes both of the NYTimes have columns out today despairing over the incompetent Barack Obama. We at MC confess that we are a bit stunned ourselves that The One would flame out so comprehensively so early in his thousand year reign of peace. But there you have it! Both Krugman and Rich may well slither back into the fold of acolytes and resume singing Hosannas at a later date, consistency not being their strong suit. For now, however, enjoy Upper West Side buyer's remorse.

For Krugman's ruminations please click on the title of this post. For theater critic turned political analyst (and doesn't it show?) please go here:

Relish the fact that Rich even suggests Obama's "Katrina Moment" may have arrived. Ouch.