Monday, April 2, 2012

The Collapse Of Republican Leadership

Was it Sen. Michelle Fischbach running from media in the halls of the Capitol? Was it the spinelessness of Sen. Senjem in refusing to vote out from the Rules Committee Right To Work? Was it the dithering of Gov. Zellers over a stadium bill? Was it the incompetence of the House & Senate in not having the same voter photo ID bill to pass? Was it Sen. Michel perjuring himself in the ethics committee hearing? Was it the failure of members in both chambers to condemn the death threats received by Rep. Mary Franson? Was it the criminal neglect of MN GOP Chairman Pat Shortridge to the hostile takeover of his party by Jew hating fringe Ron Paul zombies? Was it the shameful pandering to such morons by RNC committeewoman Pat Anderson--our Lucrezia Borgia--on Twitter under the fatuous "big tent" rubric?

Was it the absence of Michael Brodkorb & Sen. Amy Koch?

Yes to all of that and more. And the "it" to which all of these questions refer is the collapse of republican leadership. That collapse has been ongoing for some time. Now, however, what the base and the public has seen from the ersatz republican leadership has been nothing so much as an on going advert for their own electoral demise. Of course, with this group to point out the obvious is to be accused of causing what they themselves embody: failure.

Consequently, republicans are left with a party in debt and with incompetent leadership (look for Shortridge on the side of a milk carton) pretending its death rattle endorsements have any real substance in the political real world. Worse, no suitable replacement is in the works to replace him. Word is that deputy-chair Kelly Fenton is thinking of running for chair in the next election. She should not.

The House of Representatives is governed, if that's the word, by two men who would fail in the private sector. At least they have that in common with Obama. Neither Zellers nor Dean deserve reelection to leadership if, perchance, that body is held by the republicans this fall. MC is fairly certain, however, that the trained seals in the caucus will continue to applaud them on demand. Sometimes--who knew?--the fish doesn't rot from the head down.

The Senate, apparently, is governed not at all. Free range senators.™ That body is a disgrace and an embarrassment. Unfocused, rudderless and venal, there is nothing to recommend it and MC is on its side!

The antipathy between the House & the Senate is said to be difficult to overstate. Think of it as an incompetence duel. Friends of MC are quick to point out how, in hair raising detail, the Senate is worse than the House. Well yes but that's like choosing between the antebellum south and Al Sharpton. Must we?

Minnesota republicans are left with the very legitimate argument that if voters give over both chambers in the legislature to the DFL we may as well turn out the lights in this state. MC believes that voters instinctively understand that argument.

But everyone knows it's an argument of last resort. Having won a resounding, historic victory two years ago, the mediocre--even by Minnesota standards--leadership in the senate and house have let us down. Repeatedly and in public.

Forgiveness is not an option.