Friday, April 30, 2010

Minnesota GOP Radio Purity People

Yes, yes, unity and all that. But what happened to the Republican Party of Minnesota on Friday? It's more than just one particular candidate winning; it's the advent of the holier than thou fringe. This includes one bitter clinger from 2006 (a long time ago, we note) as well as many "liberty" type people who are not Republicans (Ron Paul nut jobs, pardon the redundancy). They bore us. They care more about being right in an endorsement than winning. How insider that concern is, winning. Of course, they insist the current Oracle of Wasilla knows all, tells all and others (us) how we should vote. Did Minnesotans ever inject themselves into a contested Alaskan endorsement convention. No, is the short answer.

At the convention, the seals clapped as suggested, you betcha! Especially the ones with microphones. They pretend to independence.

They are the sliver that actually applauds Chris Baker calling Democratic Minnesotans communists and thinking himself (or themselves) clever (that was at the creepy Jesus fest of the Michele and Sarah rally: shazam!). This from a morning drive talk radio show host who insults anyone's intelligence should they have the misfortune of listening into his adolescent drivel. Or others who read those who have a blog and a radio show on stations to which few listen and for good reason. But they are, to quote one such type, "flattered" when one of the leaders of the purity person speaks to them. Really? It takes this little? From the little people, apparently yes. Viola: he's a macher! Just don't call his candidate an angry white male: that just makes that angry white male angry! We'll get back to you about that pizza in forest. (That was a Tweet to this author: can we publish it to let readers in?)

Another of these types said she could not pronounce Rhonda Sivarajah's last name. She holds
forth Saturdays on (fm) radio as being informed. Please. Love of your own ignorance is never pretty.

These marginally educated people constitute the tale wagging the dog of the RPM.

MC is unamused and with more than sufficient reason.

Unlike them, we want to win.

And unlike them, we are demonstrably not stupid.