Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Ron Paul Delusion

MC admired the energy and enthusiasm of the Ron Paul supporters who flooded into the Republican Party of Minnesota during the 2008 election cycle. That said, Dr. Paul is a seriously unserious man, prone to paranoia and the strangest of associations which MC can only roundly condemn. We feel, alas, him to be a latent anti-semite. But wait, as the saying goes, there's more:

"Paul isn't a traditional conservative. His obsession with long-decided monetary policy and isolationism are not his only half-baked crusades. Paul's newsletters of the '80s and '90s were filled with anti-Semitic and racist rants, proving his slumming in the ugliest corners of conspiracyland today is no mistake."

As conservatives, MC isn't willing to cede the ground to this sort of nonsense. We have no litmus test for who is a conservative; by the same token, we have no reticence in calling out a cult.

Click on the title of this post to read an excellent article in Reason magazine about the Ron Paul delusion. Click on the image above to enlarge it.