Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coleman's Spin & Cringe: Three Judges Didn't Understand Us

The pathetic Coleman legal team abased itself even further today when in a conference call Ben Ginsberg (who never appeared pro hac vice, ie, as an attorney of record from another state, hmmm, why not?) said that the three judge panel "misunderstood" their arguments. But of course! It's the judges' fault, not Tony Trimble's or Fritz Knaak's.

He went on to say that the panel did not address several arguments; in fact, he claimed that it avoided them. Having bored himself to tears of frustration, one half of MC who spent the late afternoon reading the carefully written 68 page decision must disagree. The panel did address both equal protection claims and due process claims. Ben may not have liked the panel's analysis (the losing side rarely does) but it's beneath his paygrade to say otherwise, even if one is a hired gun. Posturing for a federal court case is sheer hubris: the certificate of election will most likely issue after the Minnesota Supreme Court has heard this appeal. MC's hunch is that it will affirm.

The recount was not stolen. It was lost through legal incompetence (not Ginsberg's).

Repeat as needed.

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