Monday, November 13, 2006

November Issue

The November issue of The Minnesota Republic has only been out for a week, and already our racks are being vandalized by angry liberals! See what all the fuss is about in this month's full 24-page issue, which can be found in racks around campus (locations listed on sidebar to the right).

This month's topics include:

  • The Intolerant Left: The Republic's view on the intolerance of the so-called American "liberals." These fine upstanding leftists violate the free speech of others, resort to name calling, vandalism and violence, and have a strange obsession with the word "fascist." And some of these enlightened individuals are right here at the University of Minnesota!
  • Being Gay and Right Part 2: We collected so much material for our spotlight piece last month that we decided to do a cover story for November. Going along with our theme of "liberal intolerance," we look at some of the misconceptions among both conservatives and liberals. Do gays have to be liberal, or can they make a better choice? Are liberals as tolerant and understanding as they say? We talked to several people from around the university, professors and students, to find the answers to these questions and more.
  • The UofM Gun Policy - Breaking Laws and Disarming Victims Daily: As enlightened as it is, the University of Minnesota doesn't seem to have a problem with ignoring the second amendment rights of its students and faculty. Is the U being reasonable, or is it just making campus more dangerous and less free?
  • 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winners: A profile on this year's winners. Surprisingly, this year the Nobel Committee decided to award truly noble achievements. There's a first time for everything, apparently.
  • Thank You For Smoking DVD Review: A refreshing comedy about a not-so-refreshing habit--and your right to partake in it. If you haven't seen it already, read about it here. It meets the MNR Seal of Approval. "Don't hide the truth, just filter it."
  • Humor and Fun: Learn about famous American political scandals in this month's crossword puzzle, read more of Tom's crazy opinions, and more in our irreverent humor section!
Plus, as always, much more!

Conservative Awareness Week

The Minnesota Republic is proudly promoting Conservative Awareness Week, November 13th through the 17th. You can find copies of The Minnesota Republic each day at the various conservative-themed events. Find out more at !!